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Succeed at A level Sociology Book One including AS Level


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Succeed at A2 Sociology: the Complete Revision Guide


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Succeed at A level Sociology Book One including AS Level


£12.99 per copy including delivery.
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Succeed at A2 Sociology: the Complete Revision Guide


£11.99 per copy including delivery.
Send your school/college purchase order or cheque to:
Napier Press, PO Box 5204,
Bath BA1 0UN.

What Students Say About Our Books

A real life saver. This book helped me up my grade by 2 levels. A real life saver. £10 will come and go, but the grade you get will stay with you. Slick (AS student)
Passed my AS sociology with an A thanks to this book, amazingly simple to understand and really easy to remember the stuff – great purchase. Sarah Rowlands (AS student)
Excellent! If you’re doing AS Sociology YOU NEED THIS! Believe me when I say I wouldn’t have passed if it weren’t for this revision guide. I HIGHLY recommend it and to be honest you can even get away with using just this for your exam and leaving the bigger text book! Mariam
Best Sociology Book Best revision book out! recommended by my sociology teacher herself. Couldn’t have passed the subject without it. really brilliant book! Stacey
Awesome I really liked this revision guide. It gave me everything I needed to know in a bright and interesting way, I actually enjoyed revising for once. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is doing AS Sociology. Good luck! Julz’Gee
Excellent! I am in my first year of sixth form doing AS sociology. I was struggling for a while to get the whole idea of the essay writing and the theorists etc. Because of this got an E in my first exam however, after the exam I purchased this book recommended by a friend and I can truly say that I have been on a ball with this book. I have been… <Emmanuel
Excellent! GET THIS PRODUCT, I promise you, you will learn lots from this, I got 96% on my paper because of this book, it really helps and that’s why I bought this year the A2 one. It is detailed, has the best question, has advise and it is a real bonus that it is written by senior examiners and you know when you go into your exam you are doing exactly what they want. April-rose King
Easy Revision This revision guide has made my life a little bit easier seriously it is the perfect revision guide I would recommend it to anyone. Sim
Excellent Source for Revision! This book is amazing for anyone who is studying AS Sociology with the AQA specification! However, it does only include Families & Households; Education along with Education in the context of Research Methods and Research Methods but it’s a worthwhile guide because there’s enough to get you going for the exam! I can’t emphasise enough how great this book is. Husnara
Must Buy! Definitely a must for everyone who is studying AS Sociology! It helped me out so much recently on my sociology exam.
I’m not one for wanting to sit down and read for hours on end like the text book does, but this book is easier to understand and is more concise with the text, and it also shows you appropriate exam answers. Definitely worth the money. I shall be buying the A2 book for next year too. Anderson
FABULOUS As a sociology student, I found this book a brilliant help in my studies and would recommend to other sociology students at AS. Adrienne Greening
Excellent, says my daughter. This book is excellent according to my 16yr old daughter who is about to take her A2 level Sociology exam. The information is clear and put in a way that’s easy to draw the important information for revision saving hours of writing crib notes of important bits from course work. She just read and made sure all aspects of each section marry up to what she has done in course work then just reads the revision guide to revise. Great apparently! We will see when we get the results from the exam! Debbie J
The ESSENTIAL revision guide if you want to pass AS Sociology! This book is genuinely a fantastic product, and it’s currently really helping me with exams. It splits all the essential information you need to know into clear concise sections and makes it all very easy to learn and remember. Highly recommended and worth the money, I don’t know where I’d be without it. Sophie

My lessons were very messy and unclear but this book condenses everything down and teaches exactly what you need to know. JJ (A2 student)
Brilliant I would definitely recommend this Revision guide to anyone studying A Level Sociology. It got me an A Grade in Beliefs in Society and hopefully a good grade for Crime and Deviance. Easy to understand. Analysis, evaluation and interpretation points down the side of each page to get students into the top mark band. Top purchase. Suzanne
A2 sociology Loved this revision guide! Makes it really easy especially with more difficult and longer topics. Used this to revise the crime and deviance unit and got an A in it so definitely would recommend! Zara
Excellent guide! This guide provides absolutely everything you need to get an A* in A2. I only revised Unit 4 with this having bought it back in March and I received 120/120 in the exam. The Unit 3 section is considerably smaller than the last one, and you may find the sheer content in the Unit 4 section overwhelming, but if you put the time in to read it all then it will definitely pay off. The guide keeps all topics quite ‘brief’, providing all the key essentials that will make your answers stand out whilst allowing an ease to read i.e. a big chunk of text can be potentially demotivating to some. The book’s layout is very nice on the eye and I would never dread revision with it as I might have with a black and white textbook. Of course, this guide won’t give you a high grade by default. My revision technique was to create flashcards with key points/names for each topic and then to have a critique on the back of the card – all colour-coded in correspondence to the nature of the term e.g. analysis points or application points.

Downsides include a lack of exam technique help, but that can be figured out with the essay examples and using examiner reports on the AQA website. This is overall a fantastic, well thought out and brilliantly designed reader friendly revision guide, guiding you to exam success. My A* is dedicated to this book! Jack Marsh
A2 SOC STUDENTS BUY THIS! This book is amazing and it helps with evaluations for the sociologists so much. It includes everything on the A2 syllabus so buy it. I got an A* in a level sociology using this book but i also used my class notes hahaha
Love it! I love the way the margins have the application, analysis, evaluation etc. tips to refer to and pointed out clearly, has helped so much with my revision. jasmine wilson
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT I loved this book when revising for my exam, found it so helpful and would recommend to anyone studying sociology at A2 Adrienne Greening
highly recommend great revision book, fulfils its purpose very well, good for quickly dipping into and the information is easy to access. Merve Ayhan
Revision guide for A Level Exam My daughter has found this revision guide very useful for her A level exams. This book was recommended by her teacher. pa flowers
Brilliant Guide! I am finding this incredibly useful. I have been finding aspects of the A2 course challenging, yet this book explains them perfectly, especially the more challenging concepts.
Also, it is written by chief examiners so the exam tips are actually relevant to the exam. I am aiming for a high grade and am confident that this guide will help. Jacqueline Parnham
A Must Buy A great reference and revision tool for all those teaching and studying AQA A Level Sociology. Purchase is a must! A Smith