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What teachers say about the AS level book

The book is an excellent guide for anyone preparing for the new specification; it is clear, well laid out and provides a great range of up to date studies, which are so vital to this new specification. The students find it very accessible, as it deals with sociological knowledge with great clarity and enables them to understand the critical and pertinent nature of sociology. It also provides the necessary springboard for students to understand the skills they are required to develop for their exams. The pictures are great and make the book feel very user friendly. The organisation of the book also helps students with their own personal organisation.”

Sociology Department, Colchester Sixth Form College

This book provides an excellent introduction to Sociology as an academic discipline as well as being a really good textbook for the AS level examination. It is well-presented, accessible, interesting and offers comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. As lecturer working in higher education, I am particularly impressed by the way a wide range of sociological theories are linked to appropriate research methods, encouraging critical thinking beyond the requirements of the examination. There are also a number of strategically positioned exercises and questions which exemplify and develop the concepts covered by the text. Overall, this is a very impressive text book that I am sure will help students to develop real interest and understanding of this complex and fascinating area of study.”

Dr Elise Alexander