The Authors

Rob Webb is the author of ‘Exam Practice AS Sociology’ and ‘Do Brilliantly A2 Sociology’ (Collins) as well as numerous teachers’ packs and revision guides including ‘AS and A2 Sociology Revision Notes’ (Collins). He is a frequent contributor to ‘Sociology Review’. Rob regularly runs courses for Sociology teachers and speaks at student conferences.

Hal Westergaard is a former Chief Examiner for A level Sociology with a major exam board. Hal is co-author of ‘AS Sociology Instant Revision’ (with Rob Webb) and of ‘Sociology Reviewed’ (with John Scott, John Williams and Tony Lawson).

Liz Steel is co-author of ‘The Family’ (with Warren Kidd) and author of a revision guide for AS Sociology. Liz is a very experienced and successful Sociology teacher, college manager and contributor to conferences for both students and teachers.

Keith Trobe is an Examiner for AS level Sociology with a major exam board. Keith is co-author of ‘Sociology in Focus’ (with Paul Taylor, John Richardson, Alan Yeo, Ian Marsh and Andrew Pilkington) and of many teaching and learning materials published by Lindisfarne Press.